Rare & Friends is a new fan site dedicated to current and past games of the beloved British game developer, Rare, as well as the new studios and projects of Rare alumni, such as Playtonic Games.

This site will be updated with all the latest Rare and Playtonic news, as well as content from Rare’s past games. If you want to read about the full scope of our coverage, check out this article here.

In additional to the main news page, we have discussion forums, and of course, the official Rare & Friends podcast,  the L.O.G. Cast.

Have some comments about our site? Want to have your email read on the L.O.G. Cast? Do you run a Rare fansite and want to affiliate with us? Are you a current/past Rare employee that wants to be interviewed by us? All of these are great reasons to drop us a line at our email address.

Be sure to keep us bookmarked, there is lots more to come!

Site Staff:

Site Founder/Editor-in-Chief/Graphic Design/Podcast Host: David Jones

Video Man/Podcast Host: Clay Howard


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