Rare & Friends is taking on new staff

2016 is likely to be a big year for us, with Sea of Thieves and Yooka-Laylee on the horizon, many more people will be returning to, or entering the fandom. It’s important that we have both welcoming and content rich doing this opportune time for growth.

For growth and sustainability when of the most important things for a website is to be bigger than then the people who created it. Otherwise the site suffers when life gets in the way, as it eventually will, and does for everyone. One of the best ways to avoid this is to increase the number of people involved, so that the raft keeps rowing along even if someone takes a swim.

That being said, taking on people for the sake of having more people is never a good idea either. You want people who bring something to the table that you don’t, otherwise its just redundancy for the sake of redundancy. Below is a list of talents that I think we could make use of at RAF. 

Artist: Someone willing to work with us to do original art or even a web-comic for the site on a regular basis. Having our own unique artwork will help set us stand out from crowd and give people a reason to check out the main site rather than just the podcast.

Musician: It would be great someone willing to work with us to produce short original or ambient music pieces for use with our podcast or video content on a regular basis, thus freeing us from copyright concerns and making future monetization an option if we hit a large increase in popularity.

Animator: I’m sure this would be a long-shot, but it would be great to find someone willing to work with us to produce animated video skits for the YouTube channel on a regular basis. It’s something no one else has, and would be a massive gain for the site and YouTube channel. I have what I think is a good idea for a series of animated shorts, but don’t have the time to attempt something like that on my own.

Feature Writer: While I am capable of doing this myself, and probably will from time to time, in order for RAF to be more than a simple Rare news aggregator, we really could use someone willing to write actual articles on a regular basis. Loss of free time and work on the podcast leave me little time to do this regularly.

Audio Drama Actors: I had way more free time when I started doing this segment then I do now. Unless that changes, I don’t plan on moving the segment forward. It’s just too much work at the moment. That being said, if actors wished to sign on and help me with the time consuming recording, I’d love to work on it again. If the animated shorts were too start, the actors would be used there as well.

Possible third podcast host: A third host that brings something different to the table for our weekly show would be a huge asset.

A female host would be great to bring that perspective to the show, or at least someone that isn’t a just another typical white male from the UK/US.

This would not be something we would do unless the right person came along, but I think it would add lot to the show dynamic. In addition to making the show more enjoyable to a wider audience, having another host would allow us record the show on a more set schedule, as well as allow a host to take a week off if they can’t make the recording date.
Say we record every week at Saturday evening, if one of us could not make it, we record with two hosts, if two of us could not make it, we’d see if a sub was available from the hypothetical staff, if not, then, and only then would we rush to reschedule the podcast or are personal lives.

If your interested and have any of the talents listed here, (or another talent you’d like to donate to the site.) contact us below!

email: rareandfriends@gmail.com

Or leave a post on the forums!




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