L.O.G. Cast – Episode 15: Christmas With the Stars


This episode contains spoilers for Star Wars: the Force Awakens.  In addition, it also uses a song from the talented Matt Cornah that in my haste to get the episode up, I didn’t realize it contained lyrics that could be considered offensive to Catholics. Rare & Friends wishes to apologize to anyone that might be offended and does not look down on anyone for any religious beliefs they may or may not have, as all are welcome at Rare & Friends this holiday season. 🙂


Pour some nog, pull a cracker, skip The Queen’s Speech and strap yourself in for a Christmas Special like no other. Kev and Dave, aka Sey and Shogun, invite you on a trip around the world and back again as we catch up with some of the people who make our show worthwhile. 2 hosts. 8 guests. 145 minutes. No life.



Chapter 1: Harmonics (1:00)
Chapter 2: Scrapping with the Wolfe (10:30)
Chapter 3: Oliver and the Dodger (31:40)
Chapter 4: Smash Mountain (39:45)
Chapter 5: Jared and the Three Wise Men (1:06:15)
Chapter 6: The gift of LOG (1:52:25)
Chapter 7: Harmonics Two (2:16:25)

Full cast in order of appearance:

Kev Rose
David Jones
Mitchell Wolfe
Duane Griffiths
Matt Cornah
Jim Smith
Hyle Russell

As well as the above YouTube video, the episode should be up on iTunes soon, but you can also download the MP3 here for right now.

As always, there is a section on our forums dedicated to the podcast, as well as an email address that you can drop us a line to be be read on air! Let us know what you think!


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