Conker’s Big Reunion Wasn’t So Big After All….

Sadly, it has just been confirmed by Team Dakota that Conker’s Big Reunion has been cancelled after a single episode and asset pack. Project Spark as a whole is going to receive no further DLC packs, effectively cancelling the Conker project outright.

It’s a sad day for us here at Rare & Friends, this marks our first piece of bad news since the site opened it’s doors a few short months ago. I genuinely enjoyed the first episode for what it was and looked forward to seeing what the future held in store for our favourite squirrel. All hope is not lost however… will Rare seize this opportunity to continue the story in their own way? It does seem strange that this announcement came on the first day of Conker Week; perhaps we will see an announcement of a new Conker project before the week is out.


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